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Hoping against hope...WTB Simms felt boots

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Hey all,

If anyone out there (maybe someone that works at a shop even?) know's where a guy can find a pair of either Simms G3 or Rivershed boots size 12 in the now discontinued felt sole, I'd greatly appreciate it. Every place that I've found so far online is out of this size and I've started calling places hoping maybe to find a pair in some nook or corner somewhere but have not been successful yet. I'd even consider a "lightly experienced" pair if conditions were right.

I've probably missed the boat, but not ready to give up yet. I know there are other felt boots out there, but prefer Simms.

If anybody can help out, please drop me a PM.


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Just tried calling the Hammond store, but honestly my last two experiences with Cabela's have NOT been good. The gal I talked to there said they didn't carry them any more and looked in her back stock and on the floor...but she sure was quick doing it. Sigh...worth a shot I suppose. Thanks for the tip.
Hey guys,

Thanks to all who replied both on this thread and via PM's. I managed to latch onto the last ones that Dan Bailey had, so I'm a very happy camper.

Everyone's efforts are greatly appreciated!

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