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Hotspotting Montana

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A little East Fork/West Fork action today. Half expected to run into Kyle on this little side channel... mile marker 5.5, is all I'm saying.

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Following a healthy hail storm and some electrical activity, the sun emerged and the swallows were on the hunt. I consider my patterns to be top notch when they are repeatedly picked up off the water by some of the best bug hunters on earth. Except in this moment, having just seen several violent thrashes on the water, I was cussing the dang-gum swallows. On my first few casts, just as the flies entered into the zone, the little rascals picked my offerings off the water! :mad:

The first take looked to be in slow motion; I was absolutely expecting it as the cast and drift had "eat me" written all over it. I would take 2 more fish in quick succession, but this first fish was the largest.

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The island separating the side channel gave up a few smaller fish in the soft inside water. My Golden Stones, Chubbies and Stimulators offerings were ignored. I'm certain I could switched to a Pat Stone and dropper and received some attention, but I simply wanted to stay on top... on top dammit, it's June!

The other side of the river looked better -- doesn't it always? So, I hiked up my fanny pack, re-secured by wader belt, and started the great ford. What seemed like a walk in the park brought on a few "oh shit" moments. Man, I'm getting old! I made it over without getting a bath and made my way down to that glassy section that had me salivating. On the way through the woods, I found a couple patches of these cool flowers (forgot the name).

Plant Plant community Flower Wood Terrestrial plant

The promised water didn't yield what I had hoped, but did give up a couple more nice Cutties and a smaller Rainbow.

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Across the river was a nice place, but a wee bit too riverfront for my liking :eek:. I have to imagine the floor boards have been replaced a few times over the years.

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The offerings that the natives liked... my bad on the lead fly, it's my norm to de-barb everything.

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I'm starting to really like the retirement thingy. ;)
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Very nice! I was on the Middle Fork.

So did you move to Sheridan yet?
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Great looking water and nice report. I was on the North Fork.
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I was on the Other Fork and it was lights out!!!:)
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Oh and that flower is Castilleja commonly known as Indian Paintbrush
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Excellent report, great photo, love those in the water fish shots, indian paintbrush.......I'd rate this report an A+
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