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Houston Fishing

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It looks like I will be down in the Houston area for work mid August to mid September. Has anybody ever fished down there? Any luck?

I'm hoping for maybe a redfish trip if the season is right. There are a few fly shops down that way so I will be asking them for tips as well when the dates get closer. Just looking for bits of knowledge where I can.

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Gorgeous time of year to be in a gorgeous city

No insight on fishing but think that gets in the front end of some of the good bull redfish.
I rented a kayak and fished lighthouse lakes by Port Aransas for reds


Some jetties to Fish off of south of there

I caught jacks redfish lady fish off of jetties and hooked into a few tarpon at night

Some nice wade fishing around Corpus Christi for trout and reds .Watch out for rays when wading

Can drive on beach on padre island and plenty of fishing from beach
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I highly recommend the Whole Foods on Houston St, I think it's at either Lexington or Lafayette Ave. Close to the 6 train.
Water Fisherman Fish Lake Jigging
Quick update on the Houston trip. I made it down to fish the bay. Fishing flats of something else, it's like nothing else I've ever done. In some spots you can wait out 3 to 400 yards. I've been throwing basic Clowser patterns and I've been having mild success. I have caught a baby Jack, a few Seatrout, a needlefish, a baby ladyfish, And two baby redfish.

I'm still hoping to get on a few tailing fish before I am done
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I had the opportunity to go down there last fall, but a hurricane took care of that. Texas looks like a warm and saltwater paradise.
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