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How do permit and giant trevally compare?

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A few years ago saltwater fishing didn't appeal to me but the more I talk to those who have done it and read about it, I am now greatly intrigued by it. The appeal of bones is a no brainer...but permit and GT don't live together. So it sounds like you need to pick bones as a main quarry with either permit or GT as an incidental catch (yeah, that phrase sounds weird to me too).

So how do the two compare for chasing with fly rods?
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The responses reflect what I have heard from others. Permit are more difficult to hook because of their great vision and wariness. GT are easier to hook (once you find them) because of their aggressiveness but more difficult to land because of their tenacity.

As far as planning a trip though, it seems the people I talk to put together trips to target bones because they are much more numerous. While fishing with 8 weights, they keep a 10 or 12 readily available when they see larger quarry, which occurs much less frequently. I guess you could say they are fishing bones waiting to see something better...like a GT or permit or tarpon.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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