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I just got a AirFlo Multitip line for steelhead fishing, and I really enjoy it. The tip sections on this line are 12', and the loop serves as the marker for how much I should retrieve before I make my backcast. Other than when I thread the line through the guides, the loops are not in them.

I have used the color gradient between the sinking portion and the floating portion of a sink tip to guide my starting my backcast prior to getting the multitip. Now, its exciting, as I have the same marker on all my "lines"!

This is one nice line, and AirFlo seems to have done a really good job of designing it. The loops don't hinge, and the line is warranteed for 5 years against cracking. Not to mention, but its $10-40 cheaper than competitors.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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