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I took out my boat for the weekend to see If I could sleep on such a small boat and to do a little fishing. I left from Des Moines and headed to the far side of Murry Island. I fished Saturday for a few hours using a full sinking line and a large clouser both casting and trolling with the kicker motor. The 6wt does not cast well that big of a fly at least not for me. Not a bite all day and then the wind came up and the rip tide was going so strong I could not stay in with the bait fish.
I headed into Dockton for the night and set up my little 15 foot to sleep in. Had dinner and talked to some of the people on other boats. After a few drinks I slept well and woke up late at 7:30 AM. Tide was going out so desided to wait for the low tide to head out for some more fishing. I saw some Cutts going afters some small 1-2" bait fish by the dock so I used a thin Black and Brown Woolly from the dock that I had tied on earlier to try for the large Surf pearch which no longer seem to be around the docks. Talking to a few at the dock they said that they have been fished out in that area. Got a few follows by the cutts but no hook ups. Left Dockton at 11:00 and was going to try that side of the Island again but the waves where all stonger there then else where from what I could see.
I headed to the other side of Murry the side closest to Des Moines and trolled the same Woolly behind me just wanting to catch something even if small. Within 2 minutes I caught a small Silver about 8"-9" long. Since the Woolly was working, I left it on and wanted to be off the water at 2PM. Had a few hits that bounced the rod but no hook ups. Right at 2PM the rod started to bounce again and I got the hook set. I nice sized fish was on the other end and I worried if the trout streamer hook would be strong enough. I played the fish for many jumps and a run under the boat that bent the rod under the kicker that was in not in gear but not wanting to hurt the rod, The rod was bent under it. I quickly turned it off. I finally got the fish to net. Leaving the fish in the water and net, I took a quick photo with my disposable, and put a tape to it. It was 18.5". I then grabbed the tail to revive until it shot out of my hand and back to the depths. Not bad and worth fishing a last troll through the same area.
After 15 minutes and no bites I desided to call it a day. I killed the kicker, started the main and stared to wind the line back in. I had the pole pointing straight toward the line and a quick tug just before the fly line started on the reel then nothing. It took about 30 seconds to see that my line was quickly going to the depths since the backing knot after 4 years and many fish had given out. Oh well it was only a Crystal River full sining line and not one of my good ones. Since the fly line was gone I only had to wash the salt of the reel and rod when I got home. It was a good reminder to check the knotts on my other fly lines as well. All in all, a good salt fishing trip my first for the year and I look foward to some more.
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