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here it is:

I caught it on a Dennis Dickson chum/dolly varden/steelhead class
(an early birthday present from my wife), on a Black Bart fly, using a type 3 sink tip line, and 0x floro. leader. It took about 1/2 hour to land.

Using the calculations on http://www.reelfishingbc.com/fish_calculator.html,
it was 28.2 lbs for a steelhead type body, and 35.5 lb for a salmon. I think the salmon calculation is too optimistic, but a 28.2 lb chum would exceed the state record.

The fish was quickly released, hopefully to help make another batch of very large chums in 4 years.

Dennis said the run waas estimated to be as large as 300 thousand fish, the biggest seen since the 40's. The run is large every 4 years, and was made much larger commercial fishers did not go for them this year, as the market for the was depressed - too many fish farm salmon - great for us fisherman!

I had a few others on: A couple for a few seconds before I caugnt the big one (I learned to set the hook hard several times), lost one when the line abraded on the teeth, and one that was so strong that broke off when I tried to stop it, even though I had followed it over 200 yards downstream, with over 100 yards backing out - it kicked my butt!

A pretty awesome Christmas Present!


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