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i am going to by a new fly rod i am going after

:jj Heya I started much the same as you I can't stress enuff that you need a good rod to get started properly.Having tried everything I settled on a 10'8 wt.I use this for both summer and winter steelhead and am very happy.I found a local rod shop and found I could get a better rod by buying a mid range blank and building my own.It's fun to tell folks That I built my own.The local shop in my area is Gregs custom rods in Lake Stevens He has an area in his shop to work so expert help and advice is always around.Also don't forget the bible of steelhead fishing by Trey Combs it's filled with info methods stories andis invaluble when starting out and as a reference later.Can't catch em in your living room so get out there.
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