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I Defy You To Not Shed A Tear

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Just saw this on KING 5 a few moments. I had one heck of a health scare last year, but it's all worked out for the good. Some folks aren't so lucky. The worst part of going in for my radiation treatments was bumping into a kid every now and then that was going through the same thing I was, or worse. Made my own issues seem trivial by comparison...

KING story
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Brought tears to my old eyes. Kudos to "Santa" for easing both the young boy's worries and final journey. My condolences to the lad's family as well as my prayers for all.
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I have spent the past 3 years doing some form of chemo with a few radiation sessions thrown in for good measure. During that time I have been fortunate enough to have sat in a chair next to a young person in the infusion room. Usually we don't see them as most do their treatments at Children's. I say fortunate because these young people fighting cancer are the most upbeat, positive people I have ever met. In spite of the difficulties of chemo and the negative prognosis they remain cheerful and offer nothing but encouragement to fellow patients. They know everything there is to know about the disease they battle. They know everything there is to know about the drugs or treatments they face and the side affects. The kids I talked with will look you straight in the eye and without fear discuss their mortality with candor.

I am an old fart and have lived an interesting life without regrets but the kids fighting cancer have shown me more about living than I learned in 60 plus years on my own. We need a cure for cancer for the children.
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I witnessed some heart-rending situations while we were going to the Shriners' Hospital with my Son. Those kids are truly remarkable & a testament to real courage.
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I used to run relationship management for a prior company and hospitals were a major segment or the business.
I spent many days at Seattle Children's and one experience will stay with me forever.
Some of you may remember when an air ambulance crashed into Puget Sound carrying a patient from Bainbridge Island, @ 1996 or so.
Well I got on an elevator in the hospital with a young cancer patient and an air ambulance nurse, who was in uniform.
As soon as the doors closed, the youngster, maybe 8 yrs old, quietly said to the nurse 'I'm sorry about the accident that happened '. I could barely choke back tears. Here is this child, clearly suffering through chemo, offering words of comfort to a stranger.
It still chokes me up.
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