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I've got my father coming out in two weeks and he is chomping at the bit to catch a salmon other than "chum pate'" (normal visit is during Thanksgiving). Anyway, I looked at the regs and it seems nothing is going to be open the weekend of August 1st, but a few options.

One is to fish the Skagit from 536 to Gilligan's creek
Two is to fish the Nooksack from Lummi to Bus Barn in Demming
Three is to fish the Sammish from mouth to Thomas Rd.

My "crutch" is that I would prefer to drift down, and wade fish...rather (dare I say this) pull the gear out and pull "grappling hooks" through the current!? Does anyone know if it is possible to drift/wade fish the Skagit or Nooksack at these stretches...I realize that an ant on a match stick doesn't have a chance in hell on the Sammish!

I am even debating taking a 'long' drive to the Yak to float that for the first time, or seeing if anyone knows of a good float in B.C?

Help please!:dunno
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