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Saw this on a Craigslist ad today.

Sex toys, prosthetics, fly fishing rod, peg board

© craigslist

Shilo pack & play w/balls ($75)
Spare parts harness - large ($50)
Spare parts underwear harness - large ($50)
Magic wand - rechargeable but needs a new charging cord ($40)
Fly fishing rod, like new ($100)
Peg board (asking $10)
Dry erase board (asking $10)
Trans Bodies, Trans Selves ($25)
Enema kit ($10)
Zeus electrosex tens unit & torpedo plug ($60)
5 caribiners & web sling ($30)

Please message to arrange pick up.

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I'm curious what that is, but a bit worried about googling it.
Luckily for you, I have no problems googling fake rubber dicks.
Folks have been waiting for a dick like this to come along and we are excited about the possibilities that Shilo offers! Made of 100% silicone, this pack & play dildo combines high-quality material and a bendable shaft for one of the best bendable dildos on the market. The material is softer than most silicone but the shaft lends a sturdiness making it suitable, well more like awesome, for penetrative sex. It has a pronounced head and some sweet vein detailing. If you are familiar with rod-style pack & plays, you'll know that they all have flaws, but Shilo is free of pretty much all of them. The metal rod does not poke through at the top and it is connected to a firm base at the bottom. The material is sterilizable and very body-safe. It comes in four (yes, FOUR!) colors and is made in the USA. The only downside to Shilo - your package will be a bit more pronounced than with a soft packer. The rod, while bendable, may prevent it from lying completely flat. You can use Shilo in almost any type of harness, but we suggest using one with a rubber or fabric ring to help keep him in ship-shape.
If you like balls (and who doesn't) you can now add some that vibrate for $35 more (save 15%).
It's a $150 rubber cock with $35 balls. $75 seems like a steal to me
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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