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idaho fish and game clearwater.

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on sunday my buddy and i were packing up our gear to go home after a long day on the clear. to our surprise a very cute female in a idfg truck pulled up to my truck. we thought it was a license check, instead she asked about our catch numbers and asked what our feeling was on a bait ban for the clearwater. we talked with her for a bit and went on our merry ways. how refreshing compared to how those encounters normally go. Bait ban bring it on
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I talked to that same gal last winter. Cutie for sure, must be tough looking like she does and having to go around (by herself) and talked to a bunch of us ********.

Just say no to bait!

By the way, how'd you do?
not even a tug, but thats steelheading
She's my sister, pretty sure she can take care of herself in more ways than one. I'll let her know that her professionalism and stunning looks have landed her on the interwebs!
let her know that if all idfg was as professional as her the world would be a better place. she was extremely friendly and professional.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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