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So it turns out that you Stillwater guys are going about this all wrong....

You need to show those finicky trout some salty patterns! Turns out rubber legged clousers and squimps are highly effective Stillwater flies :D

In full disclosure this was a stocked lake in someone's back yard lol
Planted with huge bows, tigers and giant goldens that would cruise the shallow a few feet in front of us but we missed the few grabs we managed to get on those bad boys.

Awful fun fishing fresh water for the first time in a couple years, even if it was cheating lol. The owner seemed quite impressed that a couple Puget sound guys were able to catch some of his fish with our goofy saltwater flies

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Indi Ira
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Note to self - you can fish with Tim, just make sure you are around a point or on the other side of the lake, with your back to him.....

Just saying.
That's what I did last time I ran into him out at Pass. I said high, and then high tailed it to the far end of the lake where I managed a dozen or so. Made me feel ok about myself. :)
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