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ideas around spokane with gf and daughter this weekend

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looking for any ideas for a place to go this weekend with the girlfriend and her daughter. we may go check out rocky ford. never been there before. i am gonna assume it will be crowded and difficult fishing though. any other thoughts...maybe a lake that we can fish from shore that we can check out???
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north fork coer d lane
not a bad choice, water is really high though
normally would be my first choice. but the idaho rivers are raging right now
It would be a good time to go to RF.
The weather has been cool and the ticks have not gotten out yet.
As for the catching, it has been a little tough, as there has been a lot of fishers stomping up and down the banks.
I was catching on a light colored glow bug on a #10 hook, also a pheasant tail nymph in a 16, and 14, no bead. Mini leach, in olive on a #12 works pretty often.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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