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If so, please read on and visit this url:


It's that time again! Time to harness the power of the web and show a loud voice of support for the proposed regulations to the Washington State sportfishing rules to eliminate any exceptions to the current rule of statewide release of wild steelhead.

We did the form letter a few years ago in the last round of major proposals before the WDFW and nearly 300 were sent off via the form we had available then. Hopefully, we can easily exceed that number this time around. Last time, it was mentioned during the discussion of the issues at the large numbers of email the WDFW had received in response ... let's really open their eyes this time around!

Please note that public testimony or appearance at the meetings on December 7, 8, and 9, or a personal letter will likely carry more weight than a form letter.

However, if you don't plan on doing any of the above, please enter your name and address into the form and it will automatically be sent to the people at the WDFW it needs to get to!

It only takes about 15 seconds to complete the form and you're voicing your support to help maintain angling opportunities and the health of Washington State's wild steelhead runs!

Thank you!

...none made. I did the form letter, thanks. Tonight I will compose a personal letter on the subject for a Monday morning mailing.

C&R of naturals is a no brainer in a difficult environ. Yes the fisheries need protection. Yes responsible fishing can continue with a knowledgeable and self policing sportsperson. Fly fishers have time and again proved their ethics to be right on with regards this issue. C&R allows for a low impact, user supported fishery beneficial to many in the local economy while to some extent easing the burden on state tax payers who are not generally inclined to fish or support fishery protection/enhancement.

Whether or not you have made the connection - Fishing has become very political. There is nothing more basic in American politics than grass-roots participation, and nothing more basic than letter writing. People please become involved both with the letter writing and the politicking.

...they kicked him off his soap box and he retired, pouting all the way home...

C&R works for me,
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