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Wet Line I have to agree with you on that fact and to many people out there should think about it. I have been on boats in the salt for years. When I was younger used to go out 3 out of 4 weekends. I am currently starting to go out again. I currently have just a 15 foot boat that freinds of mine keep saying lets take it to Westport or places such as that. Even though the boat has a high railing and is 7 foot wide there is no way I would take it out any where in the ocean even with or maybe because of my experince. Over the years even on just crossing the straights and even in inland waters I have come across things that make your hair stand on end. The worse was a small wirl pool that the 38Ft boat went down into far enough that all I could see on all sides of the boat was water. We had just enough momentum to pull out of it but it was close. That was some were around the mouth of Rivers Inlet we were not to far from land even.
The salt water is not a place to be careless or drunk when out upon. Know your boat and your limitations before going out on. The sea can be a harsh teacher. Also make sure to learn to read the road signs of the water. Hate to see people who because they can not read a chanel marker or or other type of marker end up grounding the boat or worse/
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