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Hope everyone is off to a good start to the summer fishing season. As for me, I am looking into getting a boat, however I definately need some advise from the boating vets out there. Now, before I get into this, I know a vast number of the fly fishing purists are going to give a rashon of dooky for bringing up a powered boat, but I am going to do it anyway. ;-)

I do have a couple of pontoon boats, however they get limited use, as I my girlfriend is the only one that would go with me on a regular base, however the rivers around here kind of freak her out so we dont usually get out... So, I was thinking about getting a drift boat so she would go out with me more often (plus, I am sure I could get a second from the board once and again). I mainly would be using it on the Sky, Skagit, Yakima, and Sauk rivers... maybe others if they are easy enough to navigate. My question is with that said, is there a certain size I should be looking at? Brand? I oared a Clakacraft on the American river in CA last year, and it handled like a dream.. So I was leaning toward one of those.

Now where I hesitate is that I do have a pontoon boat, and I would love to save up a little more money and put myself in something with an engine so I could open up more options such as the Columbia for Shad, or Neah Bay for salmon. Can you do these with a drift boat?

Sorry for all the questions... With all this said, if you could have one or the other, what would I get more use out of?

I am sooooo confused. :dunno
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