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Boats are like golf clubs: you need a bag full. I'm not going to comment on the drift boats because I don't know much about them except that I would like to have one. But I've got four boats as it is and my wife is geting very pissed about the situation and to add another would be all out war.
But I do know about the ocean, having made a good part of my fortune fishing it for more than twenty years, 12 yrs. as a commercial fisherman on the water nearly every day in the summer.
You need at least 20 ft. to have any confidence in the ocean and even then there will be many days when you just can't fish.
I've seen 12 footers hanging in around the entrance on flat days. They are never more than a mile from the harbor, nor should they be. I'm cool with that. The sea is a lot of fun. Unfortunaely it can be lethal. 11 people died recently in a boat much larger than you can afford. The skipper was seasoned. But the sea got him.
Be very careful here. :professor :professor
Rivers, too, can be very nasty. I admire your asking for advice on the web. I would use the search engine on this site and study it thoroughly before I made any decisions. In any event, you will buy boat after boat, just like the rest of us, always searching for the holy grail. Good luck and give me a ride some day.
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