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Inexpensive back up or kid rods

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FYI, Alright ( http://www.facebook.com/l/52b16;www.albrightflyfish.com) is having a clearance sale on various models. Even the non-clearance prices are excellent if you want a decent, low-cost rod as a back up or something for the wife/ kids. I picked up a 7'-6" GP model in a 3/4 weight that is a gem, notwithstanding the price. Lined up with a Cortland Precision Trout WF3.5F it's a moderate to moderate-fast action, think it'd be moderate in a 4; nicely finished and with a 8' in a 5/6 weight i paid $88. The Bugatti reel for the price was ok as well, you really can't go wrong. These two rods are for the grandkids to learn on, but I really like the 3/4 GP on small Sierra streams, and will be getting another for myself.
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Get an 6' 6" 4/5wt Eagle Claw Featherlight. My first fly rod many moons ago was an Eagle Claw and I have a couple Featherlights of different vintages. I haven't handled their new 2010 model yet but from what I've read it's got a little quicker action than the older models and it's got an upgraded, nice looking reel seat. Around $30 it's not a bad rod to start a kid out with. Couple it with a Pflueger Medalist 1492 and you're good to go. Here's a recent discussion of the rod on Fiberglass Flyrodders http://fiberglassflyrodders.yuku.com/topic/10726.
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