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Is my stick to large?

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Hello peoples, my name is Charlie Brown. I've been fishing all my life, FLY FISHING the last ten. Back to my post. I introduced my brother-in-law to the wonderful world of FLY FISHING approximately one and one half years ago, since then he has accompanied me on three outings. He wanted to get a rod! Keep in mind, he does not make any expendable income at all. He chose a helios.
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Good choice! You're just envious. It's ok. It will probably last him a lifetime.
I'd ask Lucy , and I'd bet she'll say" dream on" and suggest a months free supply of extenz ... :)
Welcom to the fray, dude -
Oh, well I'm the guy that sold him that Helios. Leland, you're taking this pusher thing too far. Am I some rod mule now? LOL
Welcome to the en-lightened world of Helios. Which did he get? Has he let you touch it yet? What about casting it? Once you do it will be all over for you.
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