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I went out to one of the Gorge lakes yesterday afternoon. The temp was 94 degrees, but the water was a cool 72 degrees. I had anticipated another banner day of top water action. I was hoping to try out a rat pattern tied by B_illymac. I have decided to call this pattern the "Mac Rat". The fishing was extremely slow. I did manage to catch 6 bass. Since my worm hook popper was not getting much love, I figured I would try the Mac Rat. I was not sure if my Sage Smallmouth would be able to cast the fly. I did manage to get the fly where it needed to go. My next riddle was deciding how to fish the Rat. Since the popper was not working too well, I decided to put my fly rod under my arm and strip the fly using both hands. A bass hit the fly on my first cast. Unfortunately, I did not get a hook set. A handful of casts later, the fly was freight trained by a smallmouth bass. What a strike!!! This turned out to be the nicest bass of the day. It came out of the water three different times. It made my trip to the Gorge worth while. So, is the Mac Rat for real? You can bet your bottom dollar that it is.


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