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The N/M/S Forks are open year round. All are selective gear rules. The Middle Fork is C&R year round. The North & South Forks are C&K from June 1 - Oct 31, C&R the rest of the year.

The S.F. has kept coming back into shape. It's still a tad high for my liking, but it's fishable. Anything below 300 cfs, in general, is fishable but I prefer it when it's under 100.

It's really too bad they all haven't gone year round C&R. Those fisheries can produce some nice fish, but few make it to their potential. I'm not sure if that's present day impact, or the impact of years of selective C&K on the one time stocked population. Those are the cutts though. There seams to be growing numbers of bows in the system. A few here and there wouldn't surprise me but last year the numbers approach 50% in some areas. That would indicate to me some private hatchery escapement rather then migration up the river from the main stem.
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