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Is this a Sage GFL 590 MA?

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Would a Sage GFL have had the color of blank in the picture? Rod tube that comes with the rod indicates a Sage GFL 590 MA once was inside. But what is being sold as a Sage GFL does not look anything like what I have seen to date.
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looks like a ma series,is the rod marked as a ma?
I don't think the rod is marked. Appearance (color) of rod blank had me doubting. Thought all early Sage rods had a brown or reddish brown rod blank. I am not familiar with what Sage built rods used for a reel seat. But thought that would be up locking?
Would a GFL xxx MA model qualify for early model? What graphite would that be?
The MA (Moderate Action) models were offered in the mid to late 80's. They preceded the DS line. They were satin gray blanks with black reel seats, and black guide wraps with silver thread accents at the grip. That looks like a MA.
I see the double grey accent at the grip. Also has double gray accent in the tip section, ferrule wrap.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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