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We made it over to the Gig Harbor area today and finally checked out a buddies place to fish his beach. He's been telling me to come fish it all winter and today while playing guide for another buddy we checked it out.

Right after we showed up we were standing in my buddies living room when this little boat, looked like maybe a 15-16' Smokercraft side console came slowly cruising up the beach. He stopped a little ways down and sat on a nice pod of rezzies for a while that were out of casting range from the beach.

Anyway, just curious if this happened to be anyone on the forum. We sat in my buddies living room and watched him catch a decent handful of fish.

As for us...we fished hard all day long. Put almost 250 miles on my truck, and for our efforts I landed one small cutthroat and my buddy finally stuck two real nice rezzies at a different beach not long before dark. He had never fished a beach before and hadn't picked up a fly rod since he guided in Alaska so at least he managed a couple nice fish.

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