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It's amazing...

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....how much stuff I get done around the house when all the rivers are blown out. I checked the flow on RC this morning which is at 1700cfs, so after months of procrastination, I decided to rebuild the front end on my Blazer today. My wife is praying for an extended runoff season this year.
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Geezus.... I'd need to be bored to 11 on the boredom dial that only goes to 10 to resort to doing anything automotive... :D
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Technically GAT, it started out as a simple tie rod end replacement, then I noticed the passenger side CV boot was torn so figured I'd better replace that before it left me stranded.....then I figured since I had to dissassemble the hub to replace the CV axel, I may as well go ahead and do the upper and lower ball joints and stabilizer bushings....about 300 in parts that would have cost an easy grand with labor had I taken it in.

The lawn needs mowing, but tomorrow I'm going to load the canoe and go fishing instead. Don't want spouse to get to used to stuff getting done around here.
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