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Another U.K. pattern; modified here (out with white floss body/tinsel rib, in with Estaz) for shad.

hook - Mustad 9671 #6
thread - Danville 6/0 black
underbody - non-tox .030
tail - Craft Fur red
body - Estaz pearl
wing - marabou white
hackle - white/red

mash barb, wrap shank with non-tox (stop 1 eye width back from eye); start thread, wrap to bend

tie in a clump of Craft Fur; trim to length (gap width past bend)

tie in Estaz; wrap forward, tie off/trim at end of non-tox

measure (tips a bit past tail) 2 marabou plumes; tie in/trim

prep (folded) hackles; tie in by tips

wrap hackles simultaneously, tie off/trim, whip finish, SHHAN

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