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My buddy Jerry decided last year that he wanted to fish for carp, he'd waited 81 years to make this decision. I invited him to come fish the big lake with me, he made it three times last year. Our timing was off; temperatures over 110F and then smoke from all the fires. Too hot to fish for us and maybe for the fish and smoke: well, that's as bad as clouds. Without bright sunshine, you can't see carp very well, they become ghosts.

Jerry came over this morning, his first carp outing this year. I'd stuck one three days ago and sent him a picture, he was jazzed and ready. Unfortunately Mother Nature had missed Weather Underground's forecast for light wind, it was quite windy and had been blowing all night. Lots of wind across a shallow sedimentary flat and you get turbidity, we had turbidity but I've seen worse. For the first three hours, I spotted two carp, only two. Tough. Jerry had a shot at the last one but I think the carp sensed our presence and refused Jerry's offerings.

We hiked to another bit of shoreline and started wading along. I was getting a bit frustrated as there weren't carp in any of the places I often see them, until we got to a real change in shoreline structure where I found a few including one that was rooting the bottom. I got Jerry in position and had him cast, then cast again and a third time - he put the fly about a foot from the side of the fish and did a slow strip, the fish twisted and I hollered "SET", which he did!

I don't know who was more excited, we both were very pleased.
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Fun day!
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