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Did anyone happen to see this post from The Classical Angler blog last week titled "The Attitude Problem?"

I'm am all for the eradication of hatchery steelhead--it's almost imperative for the survival of wild ones--but I must say these photos and ensuing comments show a very unique side of conservation.

Check it out: http://classicangler.blogspot.com/2010/01/attitude-problem.html

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I don't get it. On one hand they want to put hatchery Salmon and Steelhead in the Yakima river and on the other hand every body is against hatcheries. There has to be a middle 0f the road in here someplace.

Or is it that all want to just bitch about hatcheries. I just wish someone would make up their minds on this issue.

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i especially like the part in the article that says what we do as individuals reflects on the sport as a whole, WERE MAKING A NEW SPORT, dont worry were going to leave rocky ford for you traditional fly guys. ranier for all my dead fishes.

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shoot, let the storm rise again

why not go to www.thequietpool.blogspot.com

and get a repost of that story.

Love me some interwebs tough guys

Not a tough guy at all JM. My name is Shane Stewart and I live in Hillsboro, OR
I'm pretty dang easy to find.
You guys are right about hatchery steelhead. They are meant to be killed and I kill every one I catch no matter the condition. If it's not edible, like the one you guys are pouring beer into, then I tag it, open it's body cavity and back into the river it goes to become part of the bio-mass to feed juvenile salmonids.
The thing that rubbed me and yes a lot of other fly fishermen the wrong way is the way you portray fly fishermen in general.
We already get a bunch of crap from the bait/gear crowd about various things. Why just add to it by making yourself look stupid?
Some might disagree that stunts like you and "Steelie" Mike did while it might be silly does not have an effect on the public perception of fly fishing, I disagree.
As far as internet tough guys go you've got me pegged wrong. I would say the exact same thing to your face.
Shane Stewart
Hillsboro, OR
[email protected]
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