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Just got my used Norvise in the Mail

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I raced home after work yesterday and tore into the box with my new toy. I put the equipment together and then tied several flies before dinner, and continued to tie a little after dinner. Took some time, about two flies, to get used to the bobbin but I love it already. Tied up 6 leeches, and a dozen chronimids. Staying simple until I master the equipment, but I am very pleased with the set up. Got up early this am and took it all apart and put it back together. It is a rock solid design and should last for a very long time. I am excited....almost better than fishing, almost. :)
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Congratulations. I ripped into my box when mine arrived too. I still don't tie very well, but my tying experience is better.
Congrats! It'll get better 'n better.
Love mine! It took me a bit to get adjusted to it, but I cant live without the bobbin now. I just wish I had got the midge jaws sooner, they ROCK!
Love mine! It took me a bit to get adjusted to it, but I cant live without the bobbin now. I just wish I had got the midge jaws sooner, they ROCK!
Hey Kirk, does the midge jaw set work well for bigger hooks as well? I've been using my Norvise for a couple months now and I'm still not loving the inline set. I prefer the jaws to come to a point. Also, anybody try using the Nor Vise with the HMH tube attachment? I tried it with the Guideline tube attachment thing but the way it doesn't quite fit the inline jaw, it doesn't clamp it down as well.
I have the midge jaws on mine, and they never come off. I've tied up to 2/0 bass bugs with 'em. I set the hooks deep in the jaws and don't have a problem.
funny, i got a used one this week too.. with the travel case, the board, and a bobbin, had the sw jaws installed.. i plan on getting the dubbing table and

the midge jaws.. that should round it out. unless i get into tube flys..

anyone have the dubbing table here? looks like an awesome set up when norm does it on the videos..

i already had 3 bobbin setups.. i had one a while back and sold it by mistake.. took me 5 years to find another good deal..

love the cam action on the jaws. beats the old thumbwheel..
I was tying BIG sex dongons 5-6" and salt flies 5-8" so I put the standard jaws back on. Otherwise I would stick with the midge for 90% of the tying. I also bought the tube fly attachment. Theere is a lady selling new ones on ebay for $85 ($10 discount). I have not tried it out yet. You are welcome to try out my jaws if you find yourself on the Sammamish plateau. I started a nor vise group on facebook- check it out and join if you want.
i am on facebook.. i think i may have joined a norvise group.. i'll look for yours.. i know i want the midge jaws.. wish i had made the local show that norm was at.. would liked to have tried out his. not many people out here are tying on them .. but those who do love them ..

Yes.. i did join your group.. must have been yesterday..
The Vise is awesome- Just like the man himself... You just couldnt do business with a nicer more professional guy. Norm and Ruthie are really top shelf.

The ability to do so many things and how smooth the vise is makes it tops.

The bobbin is sweet too... specially when you think that any other automatic bobbin will run you close to in not $100.

Congrats on your purchase I highly recommend the Norvise.
I actually prefer the inline jaws for most tying. I do tie more large flies than small ones because my small skills are a fraction of my big fly skills (which is also limited, so a fraction of limited...). The reason is that for most mid sized hooks I can use the large inline jaws to not only hold the hook but to pretty much, or totally, conceal the hook point. Less chance of putting that hook point into my meat hooks or running the thread across it for an untimely thread break. I do like the midge jaws, the new tube fly mandrels and the other added on things like the gallows and light, but I still tie 80% of the time with the larger inline jaws and like it. I do have a dubbing brush table...damned if I can really figure out how to use it. Yes, I've watched the youtube video on it from Norm's site. I've tried, just can't seem to get it to work right for me. I'm sure it is operator error.

Tie up some flies and show us your work!
I have the bug, I woke up at 4:00am this morning and had to sneak in an tye up some more flies. I have had it two nights and have made 24 high quality flies. Most of them chrionomids and leeches, but I popped out some Gray Body Adams and several Griffiths Gnats this morning too. I am addicted to the vise. Yes, I will get all of the little toys that go with it, the Midge jaws, dubbing table, all the stuff. This thing rocks.
I use the HMH tube attachment in my nor-vise and it works great. But I have to use it in the fine point midge jaws so that the pin that holds the tubes will go in all the way and so you can keep it inline if you want to use the rotary function.
Why not just buy the tube fly conversion kit for your Norvise. It's cheap and it works really well. and it keeps everything In-Line.
Mike, when you get the dubbing table, ill be at your house often!
Why not just buy the tube fly conversion kit for your Norvise. It's cheap and it works really well. and it keeps everything In-Line.
because at $75, it is quite a bit costly compared to alternate attachments like the HMH which is at $40 and the Guideline which is was just under $20 i believe.
But you're right, the Nor-Vise conversion might be the best solution.
Jesse, My birthday is April 2nd, buy one for me and I will give you a garage door opener, and show you where the bourbon is kept. Stay out of the Absinthe :)
HAHA, mike the dubbing table still costs less than that bottle of glenmorangie i gave you for your B-Day last year. I think youre gonna be dissapointed when the bourbon is gone and you have miles of dubbing brushes in your garage.
For every three dubbing brushes you tie I get to choose one to keep. The vise is in my fly tying room, the garage door opener gives you access to the house via the laundry room. Don't forget to close the garage door on the way in.
I just reread the posts and realized you asked to see some photos... I will try to find the time in the next few days to post some pictures. Sorry I missed the request. Have a good one guys...I love this vice.
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