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Aloha, went camping at kahuku ranch for 4 days. Remote beach on a 4x4 road of lava.

This is our camp site. We also have a tide pool with brackish water to cool off.

I fished this spot and got a nice papio.

I used a spin rod, the wind was pretty strong. I did get some moi and taape and a big nenue on the fly. The nenue ate when two big omilu came by and I thought I had come tight on the larger fish, only to hook the nenue. It still put up a god fight on the 8wt.

This is my favorite point to fish.

my wife likes to look for shells,

We found some cool petroglyphs.

Even played Hawaiian checkers.

The surf was fun! Still have sand in my scalp.

Then went offshore yesterday and got some ahi, 15 fish to 30lbs. Lots of sashimi. Hope you are all enjoying summer, Mems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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