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Not to be nasty, but asking the board what species of fish this is with the information you have provided is sort of like saying that you saw a car and you would like to know what kind it was.
Provide some real clues not just conjecture on your part.
For example, did you look in the mouth and note the coloration of the teeth and gums? If all white, then a rainbow or a steelhead. If all black, then a king salmon or chinook. If black but the gums are white, then it is a coho or silver salmon. Very fine teeth and fine gill rakers is probably a sockeye salmon or kokanee. Mottled green marking on the back with cream edges on the ventral and pectoral fins is most likely a brook trout. Large dots with purple and red spots with a yellow ventral area is a brown trout. Atlantics have very large black dots on head and body. If you released the fish as I hope you did, then we could only guess. Mine would be that it was an immature coho because WDFW plants a alot of these in fresh water lakes. If you put the fish in the freezer, take it out and look for some of the identify marks noted above. Also, try to memorize what marks mean what. This will not only add to your expertise but you will save yourself a conversation with sparky and a fine of $100.00 dollars or more. And of course, ignorance of what type of fish you have taken is never an excuse.
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