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I fished there with a friend last year about this time. I spent the morning tossing a deer hair popper towards the edges of lily pads and didn't catch a thing except lily pads. My buddy was fishing gear and didn't catch anything either. There were several pairs of people fishing from bass boats that didn't catch a thing either. Still, it was a fairly pleasant, quiet experience in spite of the presence of a number of high octane boats on the water. I must say that although the bass boaters looked at my friend and I like we were from Mars when we took our float tubes down to the boat launch, they were unfailingly polite on the water and gave us a wide berth. It was quite refreshing after some of the experiences I've had chasing summer run steelhead on west side rivers. These guys were gear heads with a conscience.

Judging by the number of guys fishing, I think this lake has some potential. I will be back when I get a chance. Good luck.
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