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I am going to be camping up around the Lake Cushman area this weekend and I am wondering if any one out there has fishing this lake or any of the other ones in the area. I also plan to fish Hood Canal and maybe a river or two in that area over the long weekend coming up. I am traveling alone so I can fish as much as I like which for me will mean almost every day and most of the day as well. After the long weekend I plan to head slowly up to Cresent then down to the Hoh over the next few weeks. No real plan on when I will be where after the long weekend is over. Just bumming around in the area. I have gotten reports on the Hood Canal and Lake Cresent but I also want to fish Lake Cushman while there and could use some other ideas in case the wind comes on strong and the waves get to high for either Cushman or Hood Canal. I can handle 1 Foot waves in my kayak but it gets old after awhile, so some ideas on smaller lakes in the area or rivers would be quite helpful. I have heard that Cushman has small mouth bass as well as large mouth and a couple of types of trout I would love to get confirmation of this. I have heard of something called the Dolly Pool on one of the outlet or inlet streams which has my intrest but I know not where it is. I plan to target many types of fish on the trip for catch photo and release. Target fish over the trip may include bass, salmon, SCR, trout of all types, Steelhead and anything else that I can take on a fly. I will have waders and diffrent weight rods as well as the kayak. I will also have my hiking boots for some Alpine Lake fishing. So I can target diffrent types of fish. Any information would be welcomed. You can send it directly to me if you do not want everyone to know about. :COOK I am looking very foward to a couple weeks plus playing around and camping up on the tip of Washington. This will be my 3rd trip out there in the past 6 years but I have not spent much time around Hood Canal area so I could use some advise. Most of my time has been spent from Cresent and down through both rain forest.
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