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I had a great time fishing the Skokomish (can't remember which fork) which empties out into Cushman, on Saturday. If you go into the Olympic Nat'l Park at Staircase, and start hiking the Staircase Rapids trail, there are ample spots to drop down into the river. I was with my wife and 4 year-old son. While they took the guided trail tour with a park ranger, I was catching Cutts and 'Bows. I caught a nice Rainbow in the "Dolly Pool," which is about 1/2 way up to the broken bridge, and marked with a sign. If you continue hiking up past the broken bridge--which is where most people turn back--you will find less swimmers and more fish. Not epic, but a nice river to fish. I caught all my fish on dries, to boot.

Have fun,

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