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Lake Goodwin Report:

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With all the fishing reports coming in, I thought I might as well put in my two cents worth after my brief visit to Goodwin on Monday morning. Got my kayak onto the water around 10am and fished for 90 minutes. It wasn't until I had motored to a corner of the lake that I realized I left my flies and goodies in my truck. So I've only got the one fly that I tied on at home. I commenced to dredge the bottom in 25-30 feet of water and in the 90 minutes I'm out there, I was able to bring two to the boat. Of course, I also left my net at home. First 'bow was 20"; the second one was 24". I ended up beaching the second fish in someone's front yard. Left my camera in the truck as well but captured pics on my camera phone. I sent the pics to a buddy to rub it in and he calls back asking why I sent him pics of a steelhead he caught on an earlier trip to Twisp...

Anyway, I'm definitely headed back to Goodwin soon. Read lots of big fish on my FF and next time will have everything I need out there with me. BTW, anyone know if there's a way to transfer pics from a camera phone to one's computer?????
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Sounds like some nice fish...

Depending on the phone you can send a picture message to an email address (that's the simplest way I know).
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