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Went to a higher elev. lake today to escape the heat somewhat, and my first time at this lake as well so was not sure what to expect.
Put in at 10:30 into an almost glass smooth emerald green water and some of the most spectacular scenery I've ever laid eyes on.

Saw a fish rise to the left so that's where I headed, an area full of submerged trees, some are gigantic. Trolled an Olive Willy on a 15ft S3 sink tip floating line in a couple of circles around the area and the line came tight, whoo hoo fish on! A rainbow about 12-13in long, glad I would not be skunked here considering it was a 2hrs drive.

Fly came off as it tussled about in the net, easy enough, and off ya go.
Trolled around some more, this time with a full sinking type 6 line, and headed north. Had a tug but did not hook up, and that was it until I left around 2pm. There were some other fishermen on the lake, gear guys but didn't see anyone caught anything.
Beautiful place, I was hoping to hook up with a first Brown but wasn't meant to be, maybe next time.
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