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As a student at the University of Washington I am in close proximity to this lake. However, only recently have i found myself consistently wondering about the fishing on this large body of water. Unfortunately i know nothing about this water, having spent most my days wandering the snoqualmie forks.

My adventures would be with a flyrod (what else) and a small boat (kayak, etc), launching from the west side of the lake withing a couple miles of the 520 bridge. Any places within a reasonable distance to shoot for? (no need to unveil secrets). There is just soo much water, very intimidating.

It will most likely be that only time out there on the water will help. Although i feel i am suited to find good water where fish may hold and feed, this seems to be different than any of my numerous outings to westside rivers and eastside lakes.

Fly For Fun

"Trout Don't Live in Ugly Places" - Alex Higala
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