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I grew up on th elake and still fish it at my parents house near the south end.

There is a luanch at Coulon Park in Renton that is close to the mouth of the Cedar. You'll have a good shot at Rainbows and SRC, especially when they follw the salmon up in late summer/fall. I would guess the bass are camped out there when the smolts migrate out (bonk the bass they are not native and reak havoc on the salmon).

There is also a launch at Newport Shores of the Coal creek exit south of I-90 on 405. Coal creek used to have salmon but development upstream destroyed the run. There still may be SRC's and it is a good bass area.

Near the Arboretumn looks good for bass and any salmon going to the Cedar or Issaquah creek have to pass through the Montlake Cut.

Look for small streams that go into the lake they may be go locations to hit SRCs in the fall.

In late July/August there is a good Hex hatch that starts comming of around 6pm and the trout and bass feed on. I plan on hitting that in my canoe.

Have fun and good luck!
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