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Lake Washington?

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I've got a friend coming through town (Seattle) on Friday and would love to take him out fly-fishing for the first time. Don't want to drive too far so I was thinking of renting a boat at UW and fishing Lake Washington around the islands by the Arboretum/520 bridge. I've never heard of fishing around there but it seems like it could be promising.

Does anyone here know anything about fishing that area? What kind of fish are in Lake Washington, and what tactics would be most effective? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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sure looks fishy to me
There was an article in Northwest Flyfisherman magazine in the last couple of years that detailed a bunch of urban fishing, including the area around UW. It would be worth a search.

In the Arboretum area you would likely target Bass. I know they are there and have fished for them however we were too late in the year. Apparently they move to deeper water, or Fremont. You might be right on timing wise. I see Friday is projected 70% chance of rain. If you're a fair weather pair you might hit Revolutions Coffee shop (7012 Woodlawn Ave NE) near Greenlake. Some great fish porn on the walls, taken from sometime posters.
I do have a copy of the fishing rag with the recent Ryan Davey article if you need it. It's OK but not necessary and not magic beans. The Arboretum is a decent venue. Greenlake fishing might be OK too. I'd be laughing & swapping lies with my old friend more than intensely fishing anyway. But that's me.
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