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Lamson Vanquish 8 And Hatch Finatic 7+

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Cleaning closet and raising some funds. PayPal and shipping in continental USA included.

- Lamson Vanquish 8, excellent shape with no wear that I see. Comes in a Cabela's neoprene case (this is going to be super rare now that Cabela's is no more :). $320

- Hatch Finatic 7+, good used condition a couple minor dings. Comes in an Orvis fly reel case. Has backing. $420

Thanks for looking!
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Would the Hatch work on a 6 or 7 weight switch rod?
I would rate it as good for a 7-9 single hand and 6-8 switch/spey rod. I am sure others can also chime in.
One bump with $10 price drops on each.
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@SERE Nate absolutely. That Hatch would be ideal for a 6-8 switch. Will work for either up-locking or down-locking reelseat. Don't know the seller, but I know the reel. Very versatile size.
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