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Last Lenice outing for me - 11/29 report

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This was probably the best weather for Lenice for this time of year. Just a fantastic day to be on the water. Just a little ripple on the water and completely flat at times.
I did not put a hurting on the fish count this time. I was humbled with just one fish in the net for the day, but that was OK with me. I must have had on 6-7 other fish but all were off in a few seconds. To feel the initial take, lift the rod and feel the fish was worth it.
There were 7 people on the lake today and one guy was doing well from the time he got on the lake. Met RyFly and it sounded like he had a good evening as he fished into the night.
I fished with double flies most of the time, so I could not tell you what the fish that got off took. I know the stillwater nymph got me one and I know a hares ear, bloodworm and chironomids got me nothing. So it was either the stillwater, the seal bugger or the white minnow pattern that they were taking.
I am done with Lenice for the season, but there is still Rocky on the east side and Lone on the west side that will keep me busy till the early opener next time.

Lenice treated me well again this year.

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Good report, my number one pattern on lenice this year was probably an olive stillwater nymph, followed by a small callibaetis nymph. Can't wait to try some adult damsels next spring/summer!!

Nice, Dave.

Lenice was a lot of fun this year although it didn't fish as well for me as it did last fall.

March will be here befor ya know it!

I was there on Sunday the 29th as well and as Dave said the weather could not have been any better with the exception that there could have been less sun and slightly more cloud cover. I got three before sunset on chironomids and black buggers.

It was better after sunset but I have sworn to secrecy-you don't want to fish Lenice in the future as there are no fish there.

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