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Got pushed to work a long Friday at work, but this did not deter me from making the 7 hour drive after.
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Got to my campsite, slammed a couple beers and hopped into bed around 2 a.m.
Woke up and suited the rod with streamer of choice, and dropped below the truck to fish the camp hole. Fish were here and hungry for the streamer
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Moved down to the next spot and swung another 4 fish. The morning bite was really hot.
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Met up with a good friend of mine later in the morning, and we fished hard the rest of the day. The bite really died off but a couple more fish were found before heading back to camp.
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A night of campfire beers and catching up was enjoyed.
Day 2 was an early wake up, and a frosty one at that. Moved upstream and found slllloooow fishing. Searched hard in spots I know we'll but the bite wasn't on. After lunch moved down stream again and found a couple willing to play.
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Was planning on being here for 2 more days, but by mid afternoon the crowds had really rolled in. And this pushed me out. Went way down stream and fished one last spot before a last beer was enjoyed in the sunset and we went separate ways. Him home, and me on to somewhere else. The last spot was rewarding. Hooked this fish on a white sculpin I tie and lost him, switched to the olive version and landed him right away.
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Ended up driving to an area in the dark that I grew up around but never fished, found a free campground, and made home for the night.
Day 3 was just exploring. Spent equal time looking for bear, and looking for fish able water.
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Didn't find any bear, but did find a couple stretches to fish. Worked hard and couldn't get a bite. I did find the biggest bully I've ever seen. Possibly over 36 inches and guarding a bed. Orange from top to bottom. Moved on after watching it for awhile. Lots of side road driving and eventually moved up north to see a friend and head into the woods again. Camp was set up and the view was spectacular. Sunset and sunrise were amazing. The sky is always so clear here.
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The next day was poor fishing and ended up searching for bear most of the day. Once again, no bear found. The weather was perfect though and it was a great day to clear the head.
Day 5 was family day and spent all day with grandparents and cousins.they all make me so happy!
Day 6 headed to an old haunt with a good friend. Fishing was slow and I'll never live down the missed photo of his large fish. A great cutty in the 18 inch range. Got a pic of his smaller fish, but it doesnt make up for the one i missed haha.
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drank hard in the evening and shot guns at the moon (not literally at the moon, not that dumb). Woke and fished hard in the a.m. and only found one bull trout willing to play.
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Packed up and boogies back to town to get him home for responsibilities (WTF are those?)
Day 7. Pike. What a day.
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After a trip that was fairly tough fishing everywhere, the pike fishing was on fire. Cast the fly all day and had many follows, but no takers. We put over 70lbs of fish in the boat on gear though. Food in the freezer. Hesitant to post pics of non fly fishing but they were so much fun, and don't worry about handling, all these fish went into the freezer. Caught this fish, and it was the biggest fish I've got to put in a boat.
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For 10 minutes, and I got this one in and beat my short lived record...
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Filleted up fish till 11 p.m., hopped in the truck and headed home. With an hour and a half nap, made it home in time to watch the Hawks dominate on Sunday morning. It was a good trip

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Outstanding trip! And to answer your question - I suppose there could be a bad trip, but those are few & far between and every trip is a memory-maker in some fashion. This was definitely a good trip.
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