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Filling up then last of the summer with building blanks I've had laying around for years, so thought I'd share a few pics. These are the last two I've done...

Sage 906 VXP for a fellow WFF member, and a Batson RX6 805 for a birthday present to a 16-year-old who did a great job ushering at my daughter's wedding a month ago; for almost any kind of money, I think these Batsons are world-beaters...Next up TXL-F 1710 and 1703...

Wood Ruler Office ruler Wood stain Plank
Musical instrument Wood Twig Terrestrial plant Liquid
Plant Wood Twig Terrestrial plant Grass

Plant Leaf Wood Twig Terrestrial plant
Wood Font Grass Electric blue Natural material
Plant Fruit Grape Twig Terrestrial plant
Plant Branch Wood Twig Grass
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