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Leader life span

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I've a trip to Belize coming up in a bit. From a previous trip 4 years ago I have some bonefiish and permit leaders left over. Anyone know the life span of leader material? They have been stored in a drawer so they haven't been exposed to sunlight.
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For as often as you can get a permit to eat a fly, do you really want to take chances? Buy some fresh ones and burn up the old ones on something you care less about.
Agreed. Nothing would make you feel worse than spending the cash and time to cast at permit and bones, then lose fish because you were too cheap to get a new $9 leader.
on the other hand, i worked a fly shop through college and am still using 4x and 5x leaders from 14 years ago that i purchased and loaded up on when i had the discount of a lifetime. i have notice no difference in their strength, durability, elasticity, etc. i have kept them away from light and in a cool dry place. no problems.
how long is that leader sitting in the factory or retail stores inventory before they stock their shelves?
in conclusion...if i was going for a species i don't usually target i would have new leaders in my arsenal :)
There was a time when I didn't fish often and changed my trout leader every couple of years or so whether it needed it or not. Pretty funny looking back at that.

Use your old bonefish and permit salt water leaders for SeaRuns and pink salmon. Get fresh leaders for a tropical trip. Fish of a lifetime only comes once.
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