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I arrive at the lake at 11:30am surprise to see water was clear weeds were foot an half above surface Damsels was all over. The action started around noon went on pretty much until 4:30 for me, slowed down but i was still able to take fish Fly of choice was a Damsel Nymph and Olive Woolly Bugger biggest fish about 4 lbs on my 6ft Bamboo rod what a thrill had that rod double over only picture needed. Seen several large Brook Trout I am talking about Trip size rolling in the weeds after Damsel end of the day went 16 to net out of 25 had two take me into the weeds no rodeo on those, only 5 other boats on the lake all day and then there was 2 Ralph and I until he left at 5pm the fishing died at 7:30 That's all folks!!!:rolleyes:
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