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In late August there is a baetis mayfly hatch from 10-2 most days. You will do well with a #16-20 Blue Winged Olive as a dry or a #16-20 bead head pheasant tail nymph. There will be splashy rises if the hatch is on. The afternoon sometimes goes off and then it picks up again at dusk. I've always done the best from late morning through early afternoon. Have never done well in the morning.

I've caught bigger fish by going to a sinktip or full sinking line and fishing a #10 dark olive Carey or Wooly Bugger along the deadfalls on the north side of the lake to the West of the springs at the Campground.

A beautiful lake. Sparse grey hackle is right. It will be crowded but there are lots of fish to go around. Have a great time.
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