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Lenice Report

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Fishing Lenice this last week (Wed 17th- Sun 21st);

Good, Better, Best, Not So Good

Good; the weather was pretty nice, except for the pretty windy on Wednesday, which caused people to hang out behind the islands and along the west shore, and there were few fishermen that stuck it out. The rest of the week was beautiful, we had some cool/cold nights and the day was between 58/63. The water temps for the week were between 48/53, so if we can get it up to staying above 50 is should really turn on.

Met some great WFF folks, one behind the island on windy Wed, and had a beer and visit with Scott (my neighbor). Got to host a couple of first time Lenice fishers and they got to land some nice fish and they were ecstatic. One got both a tiger and bows, on a 4wt rod. View attachment 30100

Fishing was sporadic, I did well on olive green snowcones 18-14sz, and then did well, even though I lost 3 flies, on white bunny leeches stripping them on an intermediate line.

Better; it seemed that people got along better, and were more aware of "etiquette". People stayed spread out, would ask about crowding, would speak up and say "do you care". And I will say that even on Sat when there were between 75-80 boats, the volume of conversations was quite! People seemed to be aware that since it was not windy they didn't need to yell or talk loud, I didn't hear people from the far end of the lake. It was good to hear a few excited people when they hooked or fought a nice fish.

Best; spring is in the air and the desert is turning green and showing color. View attachment 30099

BEST; And a "Beer Angel" came by my camp while I was out fishing or sleeping and delivered an incredible "Microbrew" to my cooler! So THANK YOU…!!! Quilters Irish Death is fantastic and will be bought buy me in the future. And a repayment at sometime will happen or a sample of another type will be yours! :beer1:

Not So Good; LITTER! I am not a "greenie" by any means, BUT, what is wrong with "pack it in, pack it out"? Really, why is it that you can carry food, beer, water, pop and/or snacks into the lake or parking lot but you can't seem to figure out taking it with you when leave? Or maybe it is similar to the "egg or chicken" question, "What came first the beer or the beer belly?" if you drink a beer or eat a snack and you just drop it (the empty) on the ground a natural way to slim the beer belly is to bend at the waist and pick it up and then carry it out with you. I have(not looking for praise) for both trips now carried out a garbage bag full of other peoples bottles/cans, food/snack bags, cigarette boxes, etc and taken them home. So, just a word from a hunter that keeps loosing access to public land because others trash the place… PLEASE "Pack it out"!

And to those that I visited with thanks for being friendly!

View attachment 30098 View attachment 30101

Tight Lines and Cheers


P.S. I had a chance to apologize in person for crossing the line and posting a photo of an individual. The apology was accepted and I took the acceptance as sincere.

P.S.S. I was just trying to remind people that we all share the water and I hope you all would want to be treated like you treat others.
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Once again, what a great report. Thanks for the information, and so happy so many are enjoying the fishing and getting along.

Glad your trip continued to be a succees. Nice to have a chance to enjoy a beer with you.

Quilter's Irish Death, Iron Horse Brewery, Ellensburg, WA

Nice job all around Shawn!!! I'm happy to hear that this is all being placed in its proper light - a fun activity which does not rise to the level of life or death. Time and perspective (and perhaps the dissipation of the winter shack-nasties) appear to have worked wonders.

Any recent reports for Lenice?

Thinking about heading over there tomorrow. Probably be crowded but the fly fishing bunch is usually quite tame.
WINDY at Lenice yesterday. was off the water by noon, gale force winds so I could not fish out of my boat. My buddy was there before me and got a few on a hares ear. Said they were small, like 12 inches. I packed up and went to Rocky. Landed 4 nice fish between 4-5 pm. So at least I was not skunked.
my buddy was fishing today and have heard a report yet. hope he did well. Only 4 people on the lake and all were gone before noon. Too much wind!
And the Pass was bad both ways.
Did anyone have a current water temp? Trying to decide when I am heading up. Thanks.
Great report! What is the current situation regarding poachers and car burglars at Lenice? I really miss lovely Lenice but the poachers and the thieves have spoiled it for me. We payincreasingly good money for our licenses yet very little is done to protect our quality waters.
I can't speak on the quantity of poachers but the evidence is still there. Don't know that it can really be stopped completely but HEAVY fines would certainly help. A few getting hit with some big bucks for fines would, hopefully, make an impression. Not much use in confiscating gear, 15 lb test with a hook and weight wrapped around a beer can can't hurt much.

It has been quite a while since I have heard of any break ins over there. Doesn't mean it can't / won't happen but it hasn't been in the last 2-3 years to my knowledge.

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