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Lil Truckee River and East Carson

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Took a couple of days off and made a familiar mistake. It's too dang early to fish the streams. Carson below Hangmans Bridge was too off color to fish. I got one "flash" and another angler reported one missed take. Got the heck out of there and arrived at the Lil T near dark. Camped in the free campground near the mouth and settled in for the night. It started raining around 9pm and never let up. The wind was fierce to say the least. I awoke to about 4" of fresh snow, freezing temperatures and a strong wind. Needless to say, I had the entire meadow section to myself. Not another fly guy to be seen. The fishing was lousy. Nothing, nada, zippo. Took a few pretty pictures of some secret holes and riffle though.


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Beautiful scenery there! Thanks.
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