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Line Question

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I've got this piece of line....kinda strange, I got it with a spey rod I bought a year ago.
It's 31 feet and 191 grains, two tone green and yellow. Anybody know what it might be?
I was thinking about buying a 2wt trout spey, maybe this will work on that. ?

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was the scale on grams or grains:) I gotta check mine
scale was on grains, what's a Guideline? is it a brand?
What rod did the line come with? This could help ID the line.

I wonder if that is a some sort of Guideline(brand), multi tip system. It could be just the floating portion of the head? At 31' and 191 grains, that seems too long and light for just about any common trout spey.

Guideline tips are 15', could be a single hand line.
Sounds like a single-hand shooting head (ST) line that is a 7 wt.
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it was attached as a tip to a 10wt spey spooled with 12wt Ambush line, and it is a floating line
I wish it had a purpose.....can't figure a use for it on any of my speys, 10wt, 7wt, and 4wt.
Sounds like a single-hand shooting head (ST) line that is a 7 wt.
That's what I was thinking too. I checked Guideline's site, but didn't find any single hand shooting heads. Could be I didn't look in the right place, or they have been discontinued.

As for using the head, you could add a polyleader and give it a whirl on a single hand rod, or two hander.

ahhh, good idea, but what weight single hander, I have a 3, 5, and 7.
and they're all weight forward, except for the 3 which is a DT, but I doubt it would be a good match for the 3wt.
Single-hand ST lines work best if you go up one or two line sizes from what the rod is rated for depending on the line wt of the rod. I general, for rods rated less than an 7 wt, going up one lines size usually works best. Hence, this line would be too light for your 7 wt and a bit heavy for your 5 wt. But it could be cast with the 5 wt (which is what I'd use it on if I didn't have a 6 wt) if you slow down a little and apply the power smoothly on the forward cast. To cast it, you want to have 6" to 18" of the head out the rod tip. I.e. you are going to have at least 6" of running line out the rod on your backcast. Make a haul and let her go. With good timing and technique, you can easily cast 100'.
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ya, I can try that, thanks FT
Looks like a Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly line. Maybe a TT Plus? The big taper down and weight leans that direction. Somewhere between a 6wt and 7wt (overhead rating).
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