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Lines: Spey And Single Hand

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New in box: Your choice, 40.00 per. 4.00 to ship (with tracking) in U.S, actual to other destinations. Multiple lines / Heads to same address ship at same 4.00

NEW = new in the box and have never been removed from spool. Kept zip-locked in drawer, not drug around and left in hot car interiors, etc.

RIO Integrated Short Head Spey (non InTouch) 5/6 40' head - 430 grain

RIO Integrated Short Head Spey (non Intouch) 6/7 42' 470 grain

Airflo Delta Spey II 7/8 full line - 51' 530 grain


Spey Lines - Light Use

Beulah Elixir integrated Switch 9/10 32' 520gr. Pretty much new, correct spool and box. Light play casting only. 25.00

Beulah Elixir Spey Shooting Head 35' 435gr. Minor crack right at front loop (in coating only) that's been sealed with UV Knot Sense, correct spool and box. 15.00

Ace Vison 8/9 full length Uncut or altered, rear taper intact. 35'4" ~ 435gr. These didn't come with factory loops, braided up front, Flouro pig tail on rear. Coiled in zip-loc, box tab present. 18.00

Some running lines, couple RIO Slick Shooter and one older SA Dragon's Tail, 1 free with any shooting head.


All new never off spool stored in zip-locs and drawer 4.00 to ship with tracking, multiples combined at same.

RIO Power Fly WF 10 F - This is their latest / current offering 50.00

Scientific Anglers Mastery Pike / Muskie WF 9 F Sunset color -25.00

Scientific Anglers Mastery 'Wet Tip' WF 5 F/S Type III 8' Sink Tip -25.00

Airflo Freshwater Delta WF 8/9 S8 (8" IPS) - 21.00

Please email me here: [email protected] for pics or any questions.

Thanks.. B
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